Volunteer with us!

Package Pick Up

Friday, May 1st - Tri It Multisport (1703 10th Ave SW)

10am - 1pm

1pm - 4pm

4pm - 7pm


Saturday, May 2nd - Tri It Multisport (1703 10th Ave SW)

10am - 1pm

1pm - 4pm



Start/Finish Line Set Up

Late Package Pick Up


Volunteer Captain

Run Course Captain

Run Course Assistant Captain

Finish Line Captain

Lead Cyclist

Sweep Cyclist

MEDICAL: (must be doctor, nurse, EMT, or firefighter)

Medical Director

On Course Medical

Finish Line Medical

COURSE MARSHALLS: (8:30am - 12:30pm)

Course Marshal 1 - 750m turn at Edworthy Park

Course Marshal 2 - Edworthy Bridge

Course Marshal 3 - Montgomery Blvd and Home Road NW

Course Marshal 4 - 13th Ave NW by football fields

Course Marshal 5 - fork in pathway beside Shouldice Pool

Course Marshal 6 - Bowness Bridge

Course Marshal 7 - 52nd Street and Bow Landing NW (traffic)










Course Marshal 8 - on the pathway just off of Silver Springs Blvd NW
















Marshal 7 and 8 - bottom on "Smash the Hill" and

the out and back at the bottom on "Smash the Hill"


AID STATIONS: (8:30am - 12:30pm)

Water Station 1 (at Bowmont Park South End - near Maranatha Church)













Water Station 2 (top of "Smash the Hill")


Finish Line Food

Finisher Medals

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Proud to support 

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The GET SHIT DONE RUN is proudly presented by RnR Premier Events.

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